«With Orange Cash, we can grow our portfolio even further»

The Orange Cash app has been very successful since it launched at the end of 2015. Just one year later, at the end of 2016, more than 400,000 users in over 100,000 different stores had conducted more than one million transactions totalling in excess of EUR 60 million. But the plans for the mobile payment solution are even more ambitious, says Nicolas Levy, the head of mobile financial services at Orange France.

What strategy is Orange pursuing with the Orange Cash app in France?
In the coming years, Orange wants to evolve from a telecommunications company to a provider of integrated services and mobile services – and in this regard, France is especially important because there is a high level of acceptance for mobile payment there.

How would you describe the start of Orange Cash – have your expectations been met?
The first 15 months have been very promising. The app has not only been well received by users, we already have several thousand retailers in our network. This is due in no small part to Wirecard.

How do you measure your success?
We see it firstly in the steady growth of the number of app users, but also in the fact that more and more retailers are participating in the Orange Cash programme each month.

Do you also use Orange Cash in your own stores?
Of course. Our employees are our most important promoters. Orange customers received special discounts if they installed the app and paid with it in-store. We were able to increase our sales figures significantly as a result of this campaign.

«We already have several thousand retailers in our network. This is due in no small part to Wirecard.»

What about other businesses?
Our partnership with major French and international retailers is another reason Orange Cash has become one of the most used mobile payment solutions in Europe. Users can simply and easily pay by smartphone in thousands of businesses all over France. In the process, retailers receive information that helps them create relevant offers for each individual customer.

So Orange Cash is more than just a payment app?
Absolutely. Our goal is to create an intelligent ecosystem for mobile payment and commerce alongside our partners, customers and users. Using smartphones as a platform, for instance, for instance, we know where users spend more time. We can learn where they went shopping today and how much they spent through the app – and when users give us permission, we can process this information and make it available for retailers. This makes it possible to create completely new campaigns. Take a bakery that has a few croissants left at the end of the day. Using Orange Cash, it can send a special offer to every user in the area. Some of them will certainly be hungry for a good croissant.

You mentioned that you ask users for permission before giving their data to a third party.
User data is a sensitive and valuable commodity that we treat very carefully. Users must provide explicit consent before we are allowed to collect their data and give it to a third party. The interesting thing is that practically everyone that uses Orange Cash agrees to this – they realise the benefits of doing so.

So Orange Cash will continue to evolve?
With Orange Cash, we can grow our portfolio even further, developing new services around mobile shopping and payment. That’s why we are working with our partners long-term – both retail partners and Wirecard, which provides the technical platform, payment processing and integrated value-added services. Orange Cash is a permanent part of our strategy and our company.