The point-of-sale platform of the future

ConnectedPOS links shopping and payment in physical stores with intelligent services that retailers can use to increase customer loyalty and sales.

The customer is king and expects a level of service to match, whether shopping online or window shopping in the city. This involves providing customers with good advice, individualised offers, as well as attractive offers that deliver immediate benefits.

How can high-street retailers meet these expectations? The answer is ConnectedPOS: an intelligent platform for physical retail from Wirecard. Using web interfaces and the POS Connector as a communication hub, retailers can tie their existing till system to a powerful, multi-faceted platform, which connects a range of data sources around the point-of-sale. These include till systems, transactions, customer loyalty programmes, beacon platforms, and social media apps. ConnectedPOS also lets retailers integrate additional applications, such as mobile wallets or ordering systems.

With ConnectedPOS, high-street retailers can easily tap into the benefits of data-driven services, which make it possible to analyse product groups and customer behaviour in real time. For instance, retailers can offer vouchers and activate loyalty programmes to reward customers for buying certain products, or spending a particular amount, directly during the checkout process. And this is based on the customer’s purchase history as well as on the purchase they just made.

Customers benefit from a pleasant shopping experience with individual offers and more personal advice, and retailers benefit from increased opportunities to interact with customers and potential customers, which in turn helps them to generate significantly more sales.