The next generation of card payment

Smaller businesses are often on the go and need an easy, transparent solution for credit card payments. The solution to this problem has been developed by London-based startup Curve.

The new payment solution Curve allows users to consolidate many different payment cards onto one physical card. Users simply connect their existing credit and debit cards to the Curve app, where they are synched with the Curve card. Curve users can then carry just one physical card and select which stored card they want to pay with in the app.

«We created Curve to simplify the finances of small businesses.»

Shachar Bialick | CEO von Curve

Users benefit from paying lower exchange fees on overseas transactions, as well as having a central place to collect loyalty points and view their spending in real time. Wirecard supports the London-based startup with its card and app solution and ensures global acceptance and risk protection for users.