Reach individual customers with data-driven services

Wirecard supports retailers with flexible solutions that are easy to integrate.

Through the integration of data-driven services, Wirecard is helping high-street retailers reach customers with targeted and individual offers. These services allow retailers to access, select and evaluate data sources at the POS, or easily integrate complex customer loyalty programmes through an intuitive self-service platform.

Card-based offers from Wirecard simplify the onboarding of digital loyalty programmes for retailers. With this flexible, secure, easy-to-use and fully integrated solution, they can introduce basic customer loyalty programmes in just a few minutes.

«These days, we are able to help retailers with the digitisation of their high-street stores without a great deal of disruption.»

Dr. Markus Braun | CEO Wirecard AG

These loyalty programmes are fully automated and work in real-time, regardless of the existing till system infrastructure. Offers can be tailored to individual businesses and customer segments and sent directly to mobile devices – at the right place, at the right time. Retailers can register themselves, select preconfigured campaigns and loyalty programmes, and set their requirements. Targeted programmes not only create additional purchase incentives, they can also help win customers for bonus and loyalty programmes.

On the flip side, data about buying behaviour, campaigns, and programmes can be centrally collected, statistically analysed and used to optimise the relevant offers. Customer history, shopping cart, and transactions all deliver information about customer needs, which can be used to further personalise offers. An intelligent analysis of data can also help companies identify general trends in buying behaviour and target groups, plan actions and build sustainable customer loyalty.