Pay online with a new prepaid credit card

pay2d customers can now pay for their shopping, travel and much more online without having to endure the long waiting period and tedious credit check required by credit cards. The first virtual prepaid Visa credit card in the Netherlands makes it possible.

To receive a pay2d card, customers simply have to register in the pay2d web portal and fill out an application, which takes just a few minutes. At the end of this process, customers receive a virtual card, which they can load via bank transfer or iDEAL, the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands. The virtual card can be used to pay online wherever Visa is accepted. Customers can also choose to receive a personalised card, which is shipped via post. In this case, they use their virtual card until their personalised card is activated.

Full control over expenditure at all times 
Issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. in cooperation with 3C Benelux B.V., the innovative card solution pay2d offers a secure and convenient payment option for customers who are unable to obtain a traditional credit card or who simply prefer to use a prepaid card. The card is issued with a standard daily limit of EUR 500 – enough for a flight across Europe, a concert ticket or accommodation. In addition, every customer receives an individual virtual IBAN, which they can use to make transfers. Since the card can only be used up to the loaded amount, the account holder retains complete control over their expenses.

There is another version of the pay2d card, which is available in over 800 retail stores nationwide. This card can be loaded with up to EUR 150 and used wherever customers can pay with a Visa card – making the pay2d card an excellent gift idea. And if EUR 150 isn’t enough, users can easily increase the limit by providing the relevant personal data in the pay2d web portal. More information about pay2d and different card solutions is available in the pay2d web portal: