Online banking for small and medium-sized businesses

Finnish start-up Holvi offers an end-to-end banking solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers, supporting small businesses whose needs are increasingly overlooked by traditional banks.

Holvi allows users to open a current account and online store, accept payments, as well as create invoices and financial statements – all in one beautifully-designed package. Furthermore, through its partnership with Wirecard Bank, the Finnish fintech start-up is able to provide customers with their own International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

This means small business users can also receive cross-border payments, giving them greater scope to market internationally. This feature will likely be extended, since Holvi plans to expand its online banking platform to SMEs in 19 European countries.

Same-day credit possible
SCP (Supplier and Commission Payments) is an automated solution for global payments to companies that receive payments under their credit card acceptance contract. Virtual prepaid cards are available in 27 currencies. Entries and settlements can be automatically integrated into the customer’s ERP system.

The security of the money we manage takes top priority. We look for superior credit-worthiness when selecting our banking partners. Because we hold the majority of liquid funds in trust for our clients, we never invest in any speculative schemes, instead accepting potentially inferior returns in favour of better security. We take care to pursue a simple and transparent investment strategy.

We offer our customers 23 different settlement currencies and optimal control of the required currency. So that our merchants do not have to manage an unnecessary number of currency flows, our foreign exchange is available for currency conversions at the daily market rate. To achieve this, we draw on a wide range of partners to achieve the best price for our customers at all times. With us, when a transaction is made in US$, the payment is effected in US$.


«The security of the money we manage takes top priority. We look for superior creditworthiness when selecting our banking partners.»

Thorsten Holten | Executive Vice President Treasury

Thanks to our global network of partner banks, we are able to process transactions quickly and securely. Same-day credit is also possible, depending on the recipient’s country and time zone. Our Supplier and Commission Payments (SCP) transactions offer the quickest payments available to you.

As a fully-licenced German bank, we have direct access to the national payment system. We are also directly connected within the SEPA region. For international payments, we use our partner banks. By using different transaction platforms, we can ensure that a system is always available to process transactions.