Easily reach many customers with HCE

Wirecard’s solutions help consumers and merchants concentrate on their actual work.

Wirecard has introduced an especially easy and secure method of contactless payment in the form of HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology. It’s a purely software-based solution that doesn’t require a special SIM card or security module to be built into the phone. As a result, it’s ideally suited to companies that want to reach a wide range of customers regardless of their mobile provider or device.

With the help of a smartphone app, a virtual prepaid card is created which users can use to pay at contactless point-of-sale terminals and chip card readers. They simply have to hold their smartphone on the device. It’s convenient, time-saving and above all secure: all data required for the transaction is kept not on the smartphone, but rather on a secure server. During payment, only a token, a sort of digital key, is transmitted. This doesn’t even require an internet connection. Another advantage: HCE meets the EMV standard and is fully compliant with PCI. This means merchants can continue to use their existing POS infrastructure without having to pay for an expensive retrofitting.