Collect points with Orange cash

Wirecard has developed a mobile wallet for Orange, which merchants can use to acquire customers at various points and offer sales-boosting customer loyalty programmes.

Together with mobile provider Orange, Wirecard has developed the mobile payment solution Orange Cash. The virtual wallet uses an NFC SIM card to securely store the digital Visa card. It was gradually introduced in France in 2014, followed by a nationwide rollout in Spain and France in 2015. The Wirecard Group is responsible for the design, implementation and development of all technical and financial processes. In addition to security, a high level of usability was a central focus of the development.

Orange customers can not only use the flexible payment application to make contactless payments at NFC-enabled terminals worldwide simply by topping up their card ahead of time, but they can also use it online. For this purpose, a single-use credit card is generated in the app in real time, which customers can use to purchase from their chosen online store for 24 hours. Customers can also lend money, take advantage of peer-to-peer functions, or split a bill with anyone who uses Orange Cash with the mobile wallet.

Orange Cash users also benefit from additional offerings that are tailored to their needs: thanks to modern Couponing & Loyalty systems from Wirecard, retailers can create individual buying incentives before, during or even after a purchase using different promotional methods, such as gift vouchers, discounts, loyalty points or cashback deals. In this way, for instance, it’s possible to highlight special offers or discount campaigns via the Orange Cash app, providing another reason for customers to visit the shop.


Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, it’s possible to supply customers on the shop floor with relevant product information, advise them of offers and individually guide them through the store using signals from beacons. Wirecard’s value added services not only drive sales at the POS, they also have a long-term impact on customer loyalty.