Checkout portal in Eastern Europe

Wirecard Checkout Portal is expanding into Eastern Europe, where online sales have been growing by an average of 35 per cent year on year since 2010. The product launch in Poland was the first step. For this purpose, Wirecard involved, a Google-certified Premier SME Partner. Experts predict an annual growth rate of 25 per cent in the Polish market.

Wirecard Checkout Portal is a fully automated solution that enables small and medium businesses and marketplaces to easily offer online payments. The Portal supports up to 20 proven international payment solutions, numerous currencies and provides risk management modules and banking services.

As Wirecard’s first partner in Eastern Europe, the Polish Google AdWords Premier SME Partner takes on the targeted planning and management of online ad campaigns for e-commerce merchants wishing to conduct individual payment processing and risk management with Wirecard Checkout Portal. In this way, online retailers using Wirecard Checkout Portal can significantly improve their brand awareness.