Bill, please! It’s easy with boon

Customers around the whole world want to pay with their smartphones, and more of them are doing so. boon, the mobile payment solution from Wirecard, has a growing user base and will soon offer additional security.

Finally, there’s no need to rummage for the right card. Smartphones have become mobile wallets and can be used to pay in restaurants, at the greengrocer and at the petrol station. With boon, Wirecard offers a secure and consumer-oriented mobile payment solution. The app is currently available in many European countries via the Google Play store. It is compatible with any Android device that uses Version 4.4 or higher, regardless of provider. In England, France, Ireland and Switzerland, boon can also be used with Apple Pay. What makes boon so unique? User-friendliness, speed and security meet customers’ needs.

It is easy to get started. Users simply provide their phone number, a password and a security question to register. After just a few minutes, the app is ready to use. It contains a digital prepaid MasterCard credit card, which can be topped up via bank transfer or credit card and used for offline transactions as well. Users simply hold their smartphone over the card reader device to make a payment. Data transfer occurs via contactless NFC, or near field communication. Because of this, boon works with any NFC terminal that accepts MasterCard. The bill is settled in just a few seconds in the app. At the same time, users can check their account to keep track of their spending at any time.

boon takes security seriously: every transaction is protected by a PIN, which users enter directly into their smartphone instead of the terminal. Wirecard’s HCE technology ensures the highest possible level of security in this process: data is not stored on the device itself, but rather on a secure server. Wirecard will soon expand the app to include an insurance solution from Credit Life International, offering even more added value. This will allow users to insure their purchase at the register with the touch of a button. Also new: as at the end of 2016, boon users can make online purchases via the app. boon is also growing in other areas.

The app will expand in future to include loyalty offerings and personal financial services like microloans and peer-to-peer payments. The end result is a multi-purpose app and a win-win situation for customers and merchants around the world.